Welcome to Faculty of Dental medicine, University of Rijeka


About the Faculty of Dental medicine

  • The Faculty of Dental Medicine offers a six-year Integrated Undergraduate and Graduate University Study of Dental Medicine in English language

  • The Dental medicine program offers a modern curriculum based on the highest European dental education standards and experts

  • The primary role of Faculty of Dental Medicine is the training of dental students to become qualified Doctors of Dental Medicine with key skills and clinical competencies. The oral care provided by our dental students is overseen by highly experienced doctors of dental medicine, dental specialists, and university professors. In this way, our patients receive high-quality treatment while our students gain essential experience in an ideal learning environment

Careers in Dentistry

Most graduates can work in their private clinics or private or public hospitals and community clinics. Graduates can specialize in various disciplines such as oral surgery, restorative dentistry, pediatric dentistry, or orthodontics.


Program Summary

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