Immatriculation lecture and senior study years enrollment – Dental medicine in English/ Imatrikulacijsko predavanje i upisi u više godine studija – Dentalna medicina na Engleskom jeziku

The immatriculation lecture for 1st year students will be held on 01.10.2021. u 10:00 AM on the address Krešimirova 42, 3rd floor – Lecture room.

Enrollment of students in senior years of study will be held on 29.10.2021 form 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM in the Student affairs office.

Students need to present: Confirmation of payment of the Enrollment cost and Tuition fee for academic year 2021./2022.. If the student is enrolling in any courses from previous study years, it is also necessary to fill out and present the following form:

The tuition fee for the academic year 2021./2022. is determined to the amount of  75.000,00 KN (10.000,00 EUR, payable at the exchange rate on the day of payment). The tuition can be paid in 2 (two) installments. According to the Regulations of accounting policy of the University of Rijeka, a student who pays the tuition in 2 (two) installments, is obligated to bring a promissory note from his home country for the amount of 37.500,00 KN (5.000,00 EUR, payable at the exchange rate on the day of payment).

The cost of enrolment for the academic year 2021/2022 is 380,00 Croatian kuna (approximately 50 euro).

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